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NeoQuest Help Online
A Guide to NeoQuest


The Basics
The Bosses
Locations of Bosses
Servants of the Archmagus
Areas to Cover
Diff. & Move.
Weapon Rec.
Armor Rec.
Glowing Stones
Hints and Tips
Frequently Asked Questions
Monsters Found
NQ Race
The Credits

Directions to Guide You in the Game

The Dank Cave

If you want to know, the Dank Cave is in the Hills of Jub. The hills are north to Neopia City. After getting in the hills, travel west until you see a cave. That is the Dank Cave. Note: Collect at least 4 tiny obsidians and at least 2 of every other gems. You will need them for later. Also, fight the Skeleton guards until you get a piece of rotted cloth and a piece of glass.

The Jungle Ruins

After tackling the Dank Cave, head to Neopia and upgrade your weapons. After doing so, head south of Neopia. You will be in the Grarrl Peninsula. After reaching a dead end, head east until you reach a building. That will be the Jungle Ruins. When you enter the ruins, head east and go north. There will be a narrow passage. Take that passage. When you see a staircase leading down, take it. There will be three bosses to fight. After killing the second boss, head to the second floor. You will get a chance to upgrade your weapons to the third level. Go back down and tackle the last boss.

The Great Swamp

The Great Swamp is home to Swamp Edge City. The city is home to two residents: Mokti and Leirobas. Both of them can give you armor if you give them the appropriate items. Leirobas is the most important NPC here. He is needed to upgrade your weapons again.

The Desert of Roo

The Desert of Roo is the place where you can upgrade your armor from Swamp Edge City. The desert is also home to the Temple of Roo, your next destination. The monsters carry the items you need for your armor.

The Temple of Roo

The Temple of Roo is home to the Archmagus of Roo. He lives in the second level of the temple, as explained earlier. You have to travel through a series of dirt, sand, and dungeon floors. Note: When fighting in a battle, hope you fight a Crystal golem that is holding a Piece of a living crystal. You will need it later. Also, at the second floor of the temple, the monsters there, except golems, carry gems like sapphire and emeralds. These gems will be important in order to upgrade your weapons again.

The Jewels of Power

According to Erick, the Jewels of Power are "lost to time". He will tell you to seek Leirobas on information about the jewels. After talking to Leirobas about the jewels, he will ask you to give him a Piece of living crystal. Give him the crystal and he will give you information on how to acquire the jewels. You will also need a Glowing stone. After giving him the appropriate items, he will give you a Jewel of Power. You will need all five jewels to get all the next stage of weapons. Don't forget to get five Carved oak staves in the southern Plains of Roo. Each of these weapons requires the Coruscating Gem (you did kill the archmagus and let Erick repair it, right?), a Jewel of Power, and a Carved oak staff. After doing so, continue your journey in the Techo Caves.

The Techo Caves

The Techo Caves is a series of caves that is like a maze. Three caves that link to each other will lead you to Sunny City. Three caves that link to each other will lead you to the Mountain Fortress. Three caves that link to each other will lead you to Kal Panning and Two Rings. There are seven caves in total. It is easy to get lost so be careful where you are going. Also, there is a NPC that can upgrade your armor. His armor is useful than the other armors. One of them cancels damage (Robe of Protection) while the other one converts damage into health (Energy Absorber).

Sunny City

Sunny City is the home of the NPC, Gali Yoj. She is the teacher of Eleus Batrin. She is one of the most important NPCs around. Give her the Rusty Medallion you got from Rollay Scaleback and she will polish it. After getting back the Keladrian Medallion, go back to the Techo Caves and head to the Mountain Fortress.

Mountain Fortress

The Mountain Fortress is the last place where you can upgrade your weapons and armor. In order to upgrade your weapons, you must kill the guardians of magic. Each staff after defeating the guardians has a special ability. In order to upgrade your armor there, you must find monsters and hope they carry armor. After getting all the staves and armor, leave the fortress and head to Kal Panning via Techo Caves.

Kal Panning

Congratulations. You are almost done with the game. All you have to do is go to Kal Panning. After leaving Techo Cave #7 (the last one), head east to the Eastern Glades. Ignore the cave as you go by. I'll tackle that part later. After reaching the Eastern Glades, head north until you see a city on an island. Enter the city and you will be in Kal Panning. Kal Panning is full of monsters that can drain you of life (because they are dead). Faleinn is the boss of this little city. Faleinn can be found in the north east part of the city. When you fight her, just show her the Keladrian Medallion you got from Sunny City. Showing her the medallion will instantly defeat her. You will get the Key to the Two Rings when defeating her. The key is important to the game. You need it to enter the Two Rings. Also, don't worry about the monsters if they keep draining you out of potions. Once Faleinn is defeated, all the monsters will be gone.

The Two Rings Forest

Good. You are almost done with the game. Now to enter the Two Rings. Remember the cave that you ignored while going to Kal Panning? Good. Enter the cave this time. There are no monsters in the cave so it would be wise to heal by holding a life weapon. Head north until you see a door. Since you have the key now, the only way to go is through the door. Head north until you see an exit. Beware when exiting. Once you enter, you can not escape without dying. There will be monsters in the Two Rings Forest. The monsters range from level 42-44. Find your way through the trees and hills to the Two Rings Palace.

The Two Rings Palace

Now you have entered the palace. Beware that the monsters there are at a level of 45-49. These monsters have the ability to drain 100 hp. Make your way through to the second floor. When you arrive to the second floor, make your way to a watery maze. After reaching the end, there will be a maze full of columns. There is a little good thing. Your character can walk through the columns. Afterwards, go to the third floor. Jahbal is the only monster there. Fight Jahbal and try to kill him.

The End

After killing Jahbal on Normal difficulty, there will be a movie showing the defeat of Jahbal. You have gotten your trophy. Congratulations. Now you can play Evil difficulty.

After killing Jahbal on Evil difficulty, Mastermind will come out and challenge you. Mastermind is a little stronger than Jahbal but is also easy. If you die against him though, there is no way you can fight him again. You will have to restart your game over from level 1. After killing Mastermind, a different movie will show up showing the defeat of Mastermind. Congratulations on getting your next Neoquest trophy. Now you can play Insane difficulty.

After killing Jahbal and Mastermind, you will have to fight Xantan Reborn. You will have to survive against this battle because if you die, you have to start over from the beginning at level 1. After killing him, another movie will show up showing how Xantan Reborn died. Congratulations. You have received your final Neoquest trophy.

NeoQuest CHAMPION!!! Second place at NeoQuest!! Third place at NeoQuest!!

The Neoquest Race

If you notice on some user's look ups, they have a trophy from the Neoquest Race. What is the Neoquest Race? Well, this was a competition from the Neopets Team held when Neoquest came to the site. The first five players to complete a difficulty would get that trophy. The first five players would get a rare item and one million neopoints. The first five players to complete Insane difficulty had gotten Xantan battledome items.

NeoQuest Race CHAMPION!!! Second Place at NeoQuest Race!! Third Place at NeoQuest Race!!

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