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NeoQuest Help Online
FAQ to the game


The Basics
The Bosses
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Servants of the Archmagus
Areas to Cover
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Glowing Stones
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Q & A

  • Why don't you add map sites to your site?

    I used to use maps only for Normal difficulty. After getting to Evil, I have no use for maps and now, I forgot some sites.

  • What are the best skills to choose in the beginning?

    It depends what you like

  • Am I able to heal after killing Jahbal but before Mastermind?

    No. Once you kill Jahbal, you will automatically be taken to Mastermind.

  • Do you get plushies from the game?

    No. You can never get plushies from the game. You must buy them from the toy shop or find them via trading post or shop wizard.

  • How come you don't have information on Xantan Reborn?

    He only appears on Insane and I haven't reached that far.

  • What is behind the locked door in the Techo Mountain Caves and how do I get the key?

    According to the people who completed Insane, there is no key and no one knows what is behind it.

  • Does your choice of wand limit your ability to use certain skills?

    No. If you are holding a White Wand and have the skill Fireball, you can still use it.

  • Can you equip more than 1 wand at once, what does that do?

    No. If you try to equip another weapon while you are holding a weapon, you will only replace that weapon. For example, if you are holding a White Wand and you try to equip yourself w/ the Red Wand AND the White Wand, you will only replace the White Wand and hold the Red Wand.

  • Can you only get an upgraded version of a wand you already have?

    You can have all the weapons in your possesion, if you have an upgraded weapon, your downgraded weapon will still remain in your inventory.

  • Can you equip more than 1 armor at once?

    Only one armor can be equipped at a time.

  • Can you beat the bosses more than once?

    No. The only way to beat them more than once is if: You switch to a different pet that hasn't started a new game, switch to a pet that has a game but is still far behind from your pet that you play w/, or get to a new difficulty.

  • Can you get neopoints from the game?

    Only if you are the first five people to complete a difficulty and they received 1 million neopoints. This competition is over now. *UPDATE* NeoPets has now make it able for you to earn NeoPoints in NeoQuest. To earn NeoPoints, just get a level up or kill a boss.

  • Can you get beyond level 50?

    No. Once you reach level 50, your experience bar will say MAX LEVEL. You can still gain experience but the amount of experience will never change.

  • What do I win if I complete NeoQuest?

    You earn yourself a trophy in your user lookup, depending on your difficulty. If you complete Normal, you earn a bronze trophy. Silver for Evil. And gold for Insane.

  • Who is Mastermind?

    Mastermind is another boss that appears for the first time when you kill Jahbal in Evil difficulty. You must kill him to complete Evil.

  • What happens if you are killed by Mastermind?

    If you are killed by Mastermind, you are not able to fight him again. To fight him again, you must start all over from the beginning of the game at level 1.

  • What are the names of all the NPCs?

    The names are: Eleus Batrin, Boraxis the Healer, Morax Dorangis, Choras Tillie, Lummock Sendent, Rikti, Margoreth, Tylix, Pomanna, Denethrir the Scholar, Korabric, Leirobas, Mokti, Erick, Mr. Irgo, Gali Yoj, Faleinn's Ghost and the Gatekeeper.

  • Where do I find the Piece of Rotted Cloth and the Piece of Smooth Glass?

    Those two items can be found by fighting Skeletal Guards in the Dank Cave before Xantan the Foul. It is not 100% that you will find the item.

  • Can I go straight to Insane after completing Normal w/o going through Evil?

    No. You must go through Evil in order to get to Insane.

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