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Abilities of Weapons/Armor

After getting Denethrir's weapons, they can do special effects. When you start getting Mokti's and Leirobas' armor, they can also do special effects. Below is a list of the abilities the items can do.

Denethrir's weapons

Volcano Wand: Lava Flow = 20 fire damage

Glacier Wand: unknown due to lack of use

Storm Wand: unknown due to lack of use

Mountain Wand: Absorbing Stone = unknown due to lack of use

Nature Wand: Spirit of Oak = 25 heal at random

Erick's Weapons

Fire Staff: Magma Burst = 40 fire damage

Ice Staff: Ice Shield = 10 damage to your opponent when it hits you

Shock Staff: Weakness = lowers opponents defensive ability

Spectral Staff: Rage of Light = increases your attack and defence

Life Staff: Spirit of Growth = 100 heal when casted but can only be casted for a short amount of turns

Mt. Fortress Weapons

Thunderstar Staff: Staggering Stun = 2 stun at random

Firedrop Staff: Blast Furnace = 30 fire damage for 5 consecutive turns at random

Iceheart Staff: Ice Wind = When activated, opponent gets stunned at random turns

Moonstone Staff: Spirit of Life = 45 heal at random. Also, when your Lupe is hurt, the staff will heal your Lupe for 4 hp per turn until the current hp is equal to its max. hp

Shadowgem Staff: Elemental Resistance = Works like Fortitude when activated

Mokti and Leirobas' Armor

Dawnshine Generator Shield: unknown due to lack of use

Sorcerous Robe: unknown due to lack of use

Mr. Irgo's Armor

Robe of Protection: It cancels out damage at random

Energy Absorber: It converts damage into health at random

Mt. Fortress Armor

Evening Sun Energy Shield: Whenever you get hit, your opponent take 20 damage

Inferno Robe: Whenever you hit your opponent, it does an additional X damage where X equals to a number between 1 and 10

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