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Dying in a battle

There are monsters that will attack you while you are traveling. If you get attacked by a monster, you have three choices: Attack, Run, or Do Nothing. If you attack, you will attack the monster. If you run, there is a chance that you will flee from the battle. There is a small drawback while fleeing. If you try to flee, the opponent can block your path and still hurt you. If you do nothing, you...just do nothing. If you want to fight in the battle, your only hope is to win the match. You can also die in a battle. If you are on Normal and Evil difficulty and you die, you return to Neopia with full health but you lose experience points depending on the monster. For example, if you fight an ice elemental and you die, you will lose 800 experience points. If you fight the Archmagus of Roo and you die, you will lose 600 experience. Insane, on the other hand, is not like Normal or Evil. If you die on Insane, you will die for real and you have to start all over from level 1. I advise you to be careful on Insane. Note: If you spent at least one skill point on resurrection, there is a chance, when you die, you will gain 50% of your health back. Never put a skill point on resurrection when playing Insane because resurrection will never work on Insane.

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