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Areas to Cover
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Places Your Character Will Be In

The Dank Cave

The dank cave is home to the pile of sludge, Xantan the Foul. He lives in this cave because he had lost his powers and had been betrayed by the Circle of Twelve. There are weird creatures that dwell in the cave. None of these monsters have any special abilities so there is no need to fear the monsters.

Background: Xantan used to be the leader of the circle, but then the entire council had betrayed them and he had been gradually losing his powers.

Jungle Ruins: The Basement

The basement is the home of the giant hamster, Kreai. He is the first boss to kill in the ruins. He commands monsters like the noil and the giant wadjet to attack any intruders and bring them to him. He is like a king in a palace.

Jungle Ruins: The Underground Garden

The garden in the ruins is home to the mutated pygmy, Gors the Mighty. The garden contains other kinds of pygmies but Gors make them look like nothing. You need to get to Gors via teleporters that are hooked up in a maze. When you get to the garden, Gors will be in the north. Remember that you can walk on top of chairs and tables.

Backround: Gors is a mutated pygmy that was given special powers.

Jungle Ruins: The Lake

The lake is the home of Rollay Scaleback and his inferior lizards. There are three elemental lizards: the fire, ice, and shock. The lizards can stun, burn, or freeze you. Prepare yourself and carry lots of potions. The lizards can be as strong as Scaleback in strength. Also, beware of the lizard guardians. They are an improved version of the lizards. The closer you are to Scaleback, the more lizard guardians there are.

Background: Scaleback used to become a scientist but then later, after discovering the huge lake that you see when fighting him, he decided to help the pygmies and accomplished his goal: to transform into a lizard.

The Temple of Roo

The Temple of Roo is in the center of the Desert of Roo. The leader of this place is a wizard named the Archmagus of Roo. The archmagus is in the second floor of the temple. The reason why you should fight him is so you can get experience and get another chance to upgrade your weapons. Doing this task isn't as easy as you think. First, you have to talk to Erick about the Jewels of Power. Then you have to go to Swamp Edge City and talk to Leirobas about obtaining the jewels. Next, you must find the six keys that the archmagus' servants hold and find some large gems like the emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, and topaz. After getting all six keys, you must kill the archmagus and get the clouded gem. When you kill the archmagus, you have to make the Jewels of Power. If you don't have all the items, you either have to travel back to the dank cave and find the tiny gems or forget about upgrading. After getting the jewels, you have to travel south and find five carved oak staves. And finally (about time), go back into the temple and talk to Erick. Repair the Clouded Gem and begin giving the items for the weapons.

Background: The Archmagus of Roo is an ancient wizard that has been locked up in his own chamber. During those times, the temple has been in a war and has been sealed up, trapping all inhabitants inside. An NPC, named Erick, went mad when they sealed this place. The only way to remove the temple of this curse is to defeat the archmagus.

The Mountain Fortress

The Mountain Fortress is the home of five elemental guardians. Each of the five guardians weild the final stage of each elemental weapon. The Mountain Fortress is also home to the final armor stages. To travel to the Mountain Fortress, you have to go through the dreaded Techo Caves. The Techo Caves is a series of caves that link from one to another. Each cave is a maze that you must find your way through. The reason why you have to travel to the caves is because you need to get to Kal Panning, city of the dead. Kal Panning's leader, Faleinn (see the boss info on her), holds the key to the Two Rings.

Background: In the past, a wizard whose name is unknown had built a fortress in the Techo Mountain Caves. When he was in the fortress, he accidentally summoned five guardians of magic and the guardians of magic killed the wizard and took over the fortress.

Kal Panning

Once you tackled the Mountain Fortress, exit the fortress and head west via Techo Caves (ugh). After leaving the last cave, head to the eastern glades. Once you arrive to the eastern glades, there will be a bunch of trees. Between the trees will be a narrow path going north. Take the path and it will lead to Kal Panning. Enter Kal Panning. Kal Panning is full of dead neopets so they can drain life. Faleinn is the leader of Kal Panning. Once you get to her, fight her. When you get to the fight, there will be some options.


Cast a Fireball

Cast a Snowball

Cast a Glacier Strike

Cast Absorption

Show Keladrian Medallion to Faleinn

Click on Show Keladrian Medallion to Faleinn and it will instantly kill her. Kal Panning has been removed of its terrible curse thanks to you. Once Faleinn has been killed, all the dead will disappear. You can now talk to Faleinn's ghost to learn more about how Neopia has been controlled by evil. After that, leave Kal Panning and enter the Two Rings. Note: Kal Panning will be different once Faleinn is defeated. All the dirt and the sand will change into walls and floor.

Background: In the past, Kal Panning had rebelled against the Circle of Twelve. The circle soon had destoyed Kal Panning and left it burning. All the residents that lived in Kal Panning had died and became ghosts. Faleinn has been the leader of the dead and Kal Panning has a terrible curse placed upon it.

The Two Rings Forest/Palace

After acquiring the Key to the Two Rings, leave Kal Panning and head west but do not go to the western glades. Move to the cave that you just passed and enter the cave. You will be in the path to the Two Rings Forest. Keep heading north and you will reach a door. Since you have the key, you can enter through the door. Again, keep heading north until you reach the exit. Go through the exit and you will be in the Two Rings Forest. Remember you can walk on the hills and the trees. The palace is in the northwest of the forest. The reason the forest is called Two Rings is because the forest is shaped like two rings connected to each other. Once you reached the palace and you are already inside, try to get to the third floor where Jahbal is. Good luck when fighting Jahbal. Beware when fighting the palace monsters. They have the ability to drain 100 health from you so get your fortitude skill level high and prepare yourself by carrying lots of potions. Beware: Once you enter Two Rings, you can never come back out. The only way to leave Two Rings is to die.

Background: Jahbal was the leader of the Circle of Twelve. He has been growing mad of power. When the circle banned him from the circle, the circle locked him up in the Two Rings. The circle also sealed the Two Rings from the outside world. Later in the future, everybody except Jahbal was dead. Jahbal was getting madder and madder with power. Defeating Jahbal was the only to free Neopia from its terrible curse.

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