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NeoQuest Help Online
Non-Playable Characters


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Non-Playable Characters

Move the mouse over the pictures to see what the NPCs actually mean if you do something wrong.

Eleus Batrin

Want better weapons? Then give me the right items.  I told you that a million times.

Eleus Batrin is an important NPC. He is in the center house of Neopia City. He gives you directions in the game and can upgrade your weapons after killing Xantan the Foul. After you killed Scaleback, he will tell you to go to sunny town where Gali Yoj is (see bottom). After telling you to go to Sunny City, he will not give you any more directions. The rest of the journey is up to you.

Boraxis the Healer

Abracadabra alakazam, make him/her sick, just like I am. Cough.  I gotta take a break.

Boraxis the Healer lives in the northwest corner of Neopia City. He is an important NPC if you are injured and if you are near Neopia City. He is the only healer in the game.

Choras Tillie

Listen, you do not have the items I asked for.  I asked for a Tiny Obsidian, not a Tiny Garnet.  Next time you want something made, listen to what I say.

Choras Tillie lives in the southeast corner of Neopia City. He makes level 2 armor. The only way to obtain the armor is by traveling in the dank cave because the items he asks for are in the dank cave.

Morax Dorangis

You want armor?  You really want armor?  Then, go find me the items I ask for!!!

Morax Dorangis lives in the southwest corner of Neopia City. All he does is give you the first stage of armor. Other than that, he does nothing. The items he asks for can be found a few spaces west of Neopia City.

Lummock Sendent

These are not the items I asked for!!!  Do not come back until you give me the right items!!!  I have told you where to get them!!!

Lummock is just an average NPC. He lives in the northeast corner of Neopia City. He gives you the first stage of weapons that you don't have but you need the appropriate items. Other than giving you weapons, he does nothing.


Are you stuck in this cave?  You want me to guide you through the cave?  Are you deaf?  I already said I was stuck in this cave until Xantan is defeated.  Man, you Lupes are deaf.

Rikti is in the second floor of the dank cave. He is a useless NPC since he doesn't do anything.

Denethrir the Scholar do not have the Staff of Ni-Tas, huh?  Leave until you get the staff.

Denethrir is somewhat an important NPC. He makes the next stage of weapons and these weapons have special effects. If you were wielding a Volcano Wand, there will be a random chance that the wand can cast a spell that can do additional fire damage.

Margoreth the Teacher

You want to learn something now?  Well, I cannot.  Do not tell me you did not know that I am hiding from these monsters.  Be gone and do not come back.

Margoreth is a teacher who got stuck in the ruins. She has nothing important and she doesn't do anything.


You still did not kill Gors?  Go away because I do not want to be seen with you so I do not get killed.  You can go get killed by him but I do not.  Shoo, pest.

Tylix is in the garden of the ruins. He doesn't do anything and doesn't give you anything.


Slave girl?  Is that how you treat me?  Well, I hope Scaleback trashes you before one second. Hmph.

Pomanna is also a prisoner in the ruins. She can be found near the lake to Scaleback. She has no important information and does nothing.


An old geezer?  Is that what you think of me?  Shoo, go away.  I do not want to see you ever again.

Korabric is on the fifth tower floor of the ruins. The only time you can visit him is by defeating Kreai, Gors, and Scaleback. He has no important information except to tell you to go to Eleus about the Rusty Medallian.


A free armor?  Are you out of your mind?  Get me the items if you desperately want that armor.

Mokti is Rikti's older brother. He lives in Swamp Edge City. He and Leirobas make armor for you. The items that they need can be found in the desert of roo.


Shush!!!  How many times did I tell you not to mention the Jewels of Power out loud?  How deaf are you Lupes?

Like I said earlier, Leirobas can make armor for you. But he is also a useful NPC. He is an important NPC if you want to upgrade your weapons. He is the one to talk to if you want the Jewels of Power.


What do you mean you have the Jewels of Power?  They are obviously not the Jewels of Power because they do not have Made in Neopia printed on them!

Erick is found in the Temple of Roo. He is needed to upgrade your weapons after killing the Archmagus of Roo. It is easy to remember how to make the weapons since he asks for only 3 items: the Coruscating Gem, a Carved Oak Staff, and a Jewel of Power.

Mr. Irgo

Do you have the items or not?  Stop begging for free stuff since I do not have the armor unless you have the items.  Get out of here.  I am a busy Jetsam.

Mr. Irgo can be found near the entrance of the first Techo Cave. He makes armor for you. These armor each have a special effect. Each armor requires three items that can be found in the Techo Mountain Caves.

Gali Yoj

Give me the Rusty Medallion and I will repair it for you.  That is right, do not be shy.  Wait, you do not have the medallion?  LEAVE!!!  Do not come back unless you get it!!

Gali Yoj is one of the game's most important NPC. She lives in Sunny Town. She will repair the Rusty Medallion you got from Scaleback and it will turn into the Keladrian Medallion. She will also give you information on the other places you haven't explored.

Faleinn's Ghost

Listen, you dumb Lupe.  I am already dead.  Being capable of turning into a ghost after a battle does not mean the battle is still going on and gives you the power to try to hurt me.

Faleinn's ghost can be seen after you defeated Faleinn and removed Kal Panning from its curse. Faleinn's ghost will tell you about your final battle against Jahbal and the history of the Circle of Twelve.

The Gate Keeper

You do not have the key to the Two Rings.  Stop begging me for the key!!!  Are you deaf or something?  I do not have the key!!!

The Gate Keeper can be found in the cave to the Two Rings. He guards the door so no one can enter Two Rings without a key. He has no other information to give you.

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